What This Site Is Not

Unfortunately these days you have to tell people this.

This site is no way a conduit that leads to violence towards transgendered persons for a lot of reasons, up to and including, I will not contribute in any way to validate their persecution complex - and you shouldn’t, either, as they see themselves as “the most oppressed ever”.

Don’t even think about it - you’re only proving them right.

This site also strongly condemns the same deplorable tactics of Trans Rights Activists like doxxing, death threats, rape threats, physical assault, or suicide baiting - telling others to kill themselves, or threatening to kill oneself in order to emotionally extort others.

This is your only warning. I will not repeat it again.

I have nothing but pity for anyone who expresses a belief that they’re “trapped in the wrong body” but it’s not a basis to affirm or validate their gender identity nor because of it will I use it as an excuse for shitty behavior in the pursuit of validation.

What I Am (And Men Are) Not

I am not a TERF nor am I a feminist.

I agree with much the feminist movement has to say about this subject, particularly how harmful gender ideology is to women and children - but I will never be a feminist.

I have a penis and that pretty much excludes me from being one.

I also give side-eye to any man who claims to be one. Seriously, dude, you’re not - you’re only saying that to try and get laid.

Feminists, real feminists, aren’t buying your bullshit. It’s the same as a Klansman chanting “Keep Hope Alive”.

You bat for the other team. I know it, you know it and the feminists know it.

Just stop.

What I Really Am

I am someone who isn’t going to pull any punches on this subject. I will not cower, I will not simp and I certainly won’t lie.

It is a lie to say transwomen are women or that transmen are men - they aren’t and to repeat this is a distortion of the purpose of language itself and flies in the face of biological reality.

It is evil how the medical profession continues exploiting children and mentally ill people. I will at times use coarse language to describe this phenomena and while I have sympathy for the mentally ill, it runs out fairly fast when the rights of others are disregarded.

That being said, “misgendering” is not violence, criticizing the things Trans Rights Activists say on public forums like Twitter doesn’t constitute “harassment” and mocking what is essentially a cult doesn’t rise to the level of murder/genocide.

And no, you are NOT dying in the streets every day! More people have choked to death on hot dogs in the United States last year than trans people have been murdered globally.

I also believe the LGB community should jettison the T altogether. Even if you are LGB and sympathize with the Trans Rights Movement there’s no reason they belong in your movement at all as their issues and demands are incompatible with yours and have been demonstrated as much repeatedly.

Finally, A Distinction To Be Made

If you’ve had gender dysphoria persistent through and beyond puberty to the point where gender reassignment surgery is the only remedy to relieve you of it, I respect what you have put yourself through.

I won’t argue with a man who had his penis inverted and I hold the same opinion of transmen. I may not agree with it but as adults you have the right to do whatever you want and my only hope is that you are at peace with the decision you made.

What I don’t respect are Trans Rights Activists who won’t go the same route you did, or any man who is trying to game the system (such as women’s sports or prisons). You are usurpers and pretenders, mostly porn-soaked parodies of what you think women are.

This is 95% of you so-called “trans” folks and the other 5% of you need to put these people in your rear view mirrors as they are doing a lot of damage to your reputations - they don’t speak for you nor should they ever be allowed to.

There’s no such thing as “ladydique”, you are not “lesbians” nor are you “women” - you are autogynephiles (“AGPs don’t exist!”, “Who told you that?”, “AGPs!”) who have taken to wearing women’s clothing in public after years of having masturbated in them.

The world doesn’t have to respect your lifestyle choices and neither do I. No lesbian women or gay men - or any heterosexuals for that matter - owe you a date, sex, a relationship or marriage.

It’s not transphobic to not date, sleep with or enter into a relationship - any relationship - with you. We are attracted to the sex of who we are attracted to yet you call us “exclusionary” - but that’s what having a sexual preference is about: being exclusive.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you’d just date other transwomen (or men) but this isn’t what you want because…gay; and Lord knows you don’t want to be seen as gay (I’m looking at you, Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv. Sued any wax parlors lately?).

Finally, the lot of you put exactly two things into passing as women: diddly and squat. If you’re going to put zero effort into this endeavor don’t demand I and the rest of us 100% believe in your delusional behavior.

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